Under 24 Months? Free Screening!


Many parents wait until the preschool years to bring children to the dentist. But baby teeth are vulnerable to decay, especially among children who frequently drink from bottles. And the health of your infant’s mouth is a precursor to strong teeth through the elementary years and into adulthood.

The American Dental Association recommends babies visit the dentist by age one, and we do, too. The sooner your child becomes comfortable with the dentist, the more likely he or she will enjoy a lifetime of cavity-free teeth and healthy gums.

That’s why we provide a free screening for new patients under two.

Your child will get to know Dr. Kimberly in a comfortable setting, and we’ll give you one-on-one tips on how to effectively care for your pre-toddler’s teeth and gums.

Call 843.284.6497 to schedule your appointment and come by for a fun first visit with the dentist kids love!

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