Going to the dentist can be an enjoyable experience. At Palmetto Kids Dentistry we create a fun and friendly environment where everyone can feel comfortable. Our kid-friendly office is focused on making your visit stress-free, and dare we even say, fun!

Reading nooks and play spaces in the waiting room reduce nerves from the start. Kids are welcome to bring along a special stuffie to keep them company and they can even choose a show or movie to watch on the ceiling while their teeth are cleaned. Parents are welcome to accompany their kids during their appointment to ease anxiety as well.

Gone are the days of bribing the kids to cooperate while getting their teeth cleaned!

Dr. Kimberly Duffey has been practicing dentistry, focusing on children and teens, for well over a decade and has a passion for healthy teeth and beautiful smiles. She is intentional to use easy to understand, kid language to carefully explain everything she’s doing so the kiddos feel a part of the process and can understand the importance of every part of teeth cleaning. She also shares everything with you – mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, etc – so you leave the appointment feeling informed and confident about your child’s care.

We take your concerns seriously and offer various accommodations to help you and your child not be nervous.

Our warm and caring staff is excellent at providing exceptional dental care for all ages in a peaceful atmosphere. From the welcoming greeting and smile from Wendy when you walk in the door to Kyle’s jokes while your kiddos are getting their teeth cleaned, we make going to the dentist a highlight in your week.

father and son at the dentist

A Family Affair

We treat you like family. Becoming a new patient with Palmetto Kids Dentistry means you become part of our extended family! As your family grows, so does ours! We love watching your kiddos grow and being a part of your lives as they do. From the first baby tooth to the gap-toothed smile of 1st grade to the full-toothed grin at high school graduation, we’re here for it!

Don’t worry about finding another family dentist after high school. Our patients never “age out”. Once a part of the PKD family, always a part of the PKD family. Some of “our kids” now have kids and have joined the Palmetto Kids family too.

family at the dentist

Start Early

Children under 24 months receive a free screening at Palmetto Kids Dentistry. Even though not all of the baby teeth have come in, oral hygiene is important with babies too. Routine brushing from an early age not only establishes good habits but helps build strong teeth through the elementary years and into adulthood.

Visiting Dr. Kimberly by age one ensures that your children learn early that going to the dentist is fun and important. And he or she is more likely to build cavity-preventing habits protecting teeth and gums for a lifetime.

Schedule your appointment and your kid’s appointment at the same time!

baby teeth cleaning

Family Services

More than just routine cleanings, Palmetto Kids Dentistry offers comprehensive family dentistry services including laser, restorative, sedation dentistry, not to mention orthodontics!

Our new in-house laser offers a shot-free alternative for cavity fillings and other dental procedures. Check out our new laser in the video below.

We are passionate about taking care of all of your dental concerns as soon as they arise to avoid bigger problems later that may require a more invasive care plan. However, sedation dentistry is available for those needing more extensive dental procedures or just a little extra help calming the nerves.

You and your family can benefit from our in-house orthodontics team that monitors your child’s teeth development and offers real-time recommendations. From holding or creating space for incoming permanent teeth to correcting an overbite and straightening teeth, braces and other orthodontic appliances contribute to a healthy and beautiful smile. Crowded and crooked teeth are harder to keep clean and are at a higher risk for tooth decay or periodontal disease.

Join the #BracesClub

Regardless of the purpose of your visit, we keep it light and fun. There are prizes for those who stay cavity-free and popsicles as a special treat. Don’t forget to stop by our selfie station too! We love to celebrate with you: first visit, losing a tooth, new braces, braces-free, or simply a great visit. Our team loves bringing a smile to your face, before, during and after your appointment.

young girl looks in mirror at dentist

Don’t Forget

Getting your teeth cleaned is important! Dr. Kimberly recommends a cleaning and check up every six months along with twice-daily brushing and flossing to keep teeth happy and healthy. Keeping your teeth clean on a regular basis avoids bigger, and potentially painful, problems down the road, like cavities, cracks, and teeth that need to be removed.

Let Palmetto Kids Dentistry keep your teeth pearly white! Call to schedule an appointment today.