Did you know that almost 22% of people surveyed about why they avoid the dentist said it was because it scared them? That is a lot of people missing out on important check-ups for their health! Still, we understand this anxiety because we see it regularly. One of the most important things for us at Palmetto Kids Dentistry is to make sure our patients feel completely comfortable during their time with us. We’re not satisfied until we see that happy, healthy smile from our patients!


Start brushing early.

As soon as a baby’s first tooth erupts, cleaning it should follow. Once they are old enough to hold the brush on their own, they should already be associating a toothbrush in their mouth with clean and healthy teeth. Emphasize the importance of consistent brushing on a daily basis.  Make brush time fun and rewarding! This will carry over to visits to the dentist as well.


Visit the dentist before their 1st birthday.

We recommend that a baby’s first visit to the dentist is around their first birthday. Bringing your child early and on a routine basis makes a visit to the dentist just another part of life. Plus, we love seeing our patients grow up! Call us to set up an appointment!


Be positive.

Use positive words and emphasize how important healthy teeth are. Also, let them know how much we’re looking forward to seeing them!


Talk to them about their fears.

Tell them early on when they have a dentist appointment scheduled so they have time to mentally prepare. Discuss some of their fears with them beforehand and encourage them to ask us questions once they’re here. We love to talk about the tools we use and our procedures. We have found that giving them a chance to get familiar with them makes things more comfortable.


Stop by!

Driving by our office? Drop in with your child. We’d love to say hello when they know they don’t have an appointment and show them there’s nothing to be afraid of.  


Stay Calm.

Sometimes, we can be unaware of how our own anxieties are picked up by our children. We often see parents so worried about how their child will behave that it backfires on them. We know it’s stressful, but don’t worry!